Markus Hirschmüller and Harald Schindele founded the HS Architekten office in 2012. HS Architekten emerged from the former architecture office Hoyer Schindele Hirschmüller which was active in Berlin from 1997 to 2012.

Our goal is to rethink space and reinvent inspiring living environments. The spectrum of our work extends from customized living spaces, modular wooden constructions to the conversion of industrial buildings.

Our clients are, among others, assemblies of future residents on a tight budget, with high expectations regarding energy efficiency and the range of space uses, as well as individuals who aim for perfection regarding the functional and design quality. Together with developers we implement high-quality residential and commercial buildings, including in densed urban areas.

We developed a monument of postwar modernism, Café Moskau, transforming it into a contemporary venue while attuning its new design to the principles of the original design. We understand the Genius Loci as a complex, dynamic source of information with a strong impact on the creation of projects.

Our office develops architectural hybrids which match the marking qualities and tensions of a place with the high requirements of spatial concepts.

As experts in energy planning we develop, together with our partners, refined concepts for new constructions or for the energy efficient restoration of older buildings towards active or passive house standards.

Currently, our attention is focused on the development of repeatable concepts for the creation of affordable housing with the intention to shape vibrant neighborhoods with a sustainable, long-term perspective.

We offer classic architectural services covering all project stages from conceptual design to the construction process, while also pursuing proposals for development projects for investors and private residential assemblies.

Apart from the participation in national and international competitions and expert consultancy panels, most orders of the office are direct contracts.

Markus Hirschmüller
Dipl. Ing. M.arch. Universität Stuttgart
SCI-Arc. Los Angeles

Harald Schindele
Dipl. Architekt TU Braunschweig
Architectural Association School of Architecture, London

Born in 1967 in Stuttgart.

1988-1995 studies at TU Braunschweig and at Universität Stuttgart.

1996-1998 master's degree studies at Southern Californian Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles on a DAAD grant.

1998-2003 employment at Hoyer und Schindele.

Since 2003 office partner: Hoyer Schindele Hirschmüller, since 2005 member of BDA Berlin.

2012 certified passive house planner.

Since 2012 founder of HS Architekten with Harald Schindele.

2014 registration into the energy efficiency experts list of the German Energy Agency (DENA) for development programs by the federal government.

2018 registration into the energy efficiency experts list of the Scientific-Technical Association for Building Conservation and Historical Preservation e. V. (WTA) for the development program "Monuments and other buildings of particular value".

Born in 1966 in Bad Homburg.

1988-1995 studies at TU Braunschweig and scholarship from the Architectural Association, London.

1997 founder of the Hoyer und Schindele architecture office.

2005 member of BDA Berlin.

2012 founder of HS Architekten with Markus Hirschmüller.

Lectures and invitations to participate (selection)

-invitations to lecture at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, at the Berlin Architecture Talks and at the International Architecture Congress of the UIA in Berlin.

-Inspirations 02: Re-Framing Realities: business trip with the mayor Klaus Wowereit on the occasion of his visit to Los Angeles for the 35th anniversary of the city partnership.

-lectures and talks at the Art Center College of Design, UCLA, Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), the Getty Center, the German Consulate General and the Goethe Institute.

-lecture by Markus Hirschmüller and Harald Schindele at the Infill Conference in Budapest.

-lecture by Andrea van Reimersdahl and Harald Schindele on architecture and textiles in the Woodbury School of Architecture, Los Angeles.

-Energyart/Baunetz: lecture by Markus Hirschmüller.

-50 Years of Cafe Moskau: lecture by Markus Hirschmüller.

-project reviews as guests at Bauhaus Dessau, TU Berlin, TU Cottbus, SCI-Arc in Los Angeles und the University of Kentucky

-Lecture on the denkmal in Leipzig

Exhibitions (selection)

-Urban Drift-Café Moskau (2002)

-“Fundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo“ (2003 / 2005)

-14th Architecture Biennial in Quito (2004)

-Urban Catalysts –Palast der Republik (2005)

-Venice Architecture Biennial (2006)

-Biennial for Architecture and Design BDA Berlin

-Chamber of Architects Berlin

-DAZ - German Architecture Center

-Vitra Design Museum

-"Best Buildings in Berlin" 2013: exhibition for Berlin Architecture Awards 2013

-urban living – Strategies for future living, DAZ Berlin (2015)




-Hans Schäfers Award 2001: The next generation, project: Auguststr. 62

-facade award - Aluminum facade, project: Abspannwerk Buchhändler Hof (E-Werk)

-Award for crafts in the preservation of monuments 2010, project: Café Moskau, company Systal

-Best of Houzz 2017 - Award

Publications (selection)

Arch+, AIT, Baunetz, Apple-Talk, Bauwelt, Stadtbauwelt, db, DBZ, Detail, Metamorphose, Schöner Wohnen, The Architectural Review, werk, bauen + wohnen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Morgenpost, Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Architektur International, H.O.M.E., KAP-Magazin, CUBE-Magazin, teNeues Verlag, dva Verlag, Jovis-Verlag, Verlagshaus Braun, publications of the Chamber of Architects, the BDA Berlin and the German Center for Architecture DAZ, as well as broadcasts of rbb and n-tv, Deutscher Architektur Verlag, 100 Deutsche Häuser