Haus S

On the property there is a 2-storey front house and an outbuilding, both of which date from the end of the nineteenth century. Through an inserted pavilion between the two buildings a living environment is created which enables diverse aspects of life to be reconciled and aligns the uses of the building with its respective qualities.

The front house, built in 1895, has lost its charm because of massive conversions over the years, and is now once again enhanced with period features such as cornices, a stone plinth, shutters and a new roof.

The outbuilding is carefully renovated with exposed stone walls, timber roof trusses and vaulted ceilings. The intermediate building between the two historical bodies contains a cantilevered porch and terrace which seem to be apparently floating over the ground while connecting the front and back building both visually and spatially. In its materiality, this extension stands as independent through the use of wooden elements selected as facade panels. It can be build using sustainable materials such as wood fiber, cellulose insulation and clay plaster.