The site is located in the complex of historically protected buildings in Bölsche street, which belongs to the conservation area of Friedrichshagen. The plasticity of the historical facades with wide variety of decorative elements, as well as harmonious colours, provide a very lively and friendly townscape. These design features have been used as a basis for the facade of the new building.

The 3-storey-front-house is divided in three functional zones: ground floor with retail spaces, first floor with offices and upper floors with flats.

The living spaces, kitchens and the bedrooms are south-west or east oriented, while bathrooms and elevators, along with other technical parts, have been designed in the middle of the floor plan. In the extensive garden are found private units and common areas such as a terrace with gazebo, a play area and a lawn area.

The facades have a clear outline, with seven vertical parts zoned by a reinforced concrete raster that stems from room heights, inside of which, depending on the orientation and function, different forms have been designed.