Mini Living

Temporary living! In the heart of Berlin, on Friedrichstraße, micro-apartments are being built for temporary living. An old building from the turn of the century is being converted and extended for this purpose. The rooms are mainly in the old building, where the charm of high ceilings and exposed brickwork walls meet cool interior design. In addition to the living quarters, the attic offers communal areas with a kitchen, fireplace and reading room. The roof will be renovated with a visible wooden support structure and large glass areas with views over Berlin, and opened up as a continuous roofscape for all residents. The public zone is formed by the ground floor with lounge, gallery and restaurant. The 25m long continuous space opens up with glass fronts into the courtyard and with 5-8 metre high rooms up into the sky. The cathedral-like structure not only creates an impressive spatial experience inside, but also reflects sunlight outside via the reflective façade into the dark courtyard, which is otherwise surrounded by fire walls.