The existing building currently forms a dark and very narrow courtyard on a deep, narrow plot. Therefore, the interiors, as well as the associated views are not attractive. However, after the demolition of the existing building, a higher quality is achieved not only for the future development of the plot, but also for the surrounding buildings by the removal of the fire protection wall between the two courtyards. With this in mind, the body of the new building was designed parametrically, using sound and sunlight simulations.

The new building adapts to the sunlight path and does not completely close the gap defined by the neighboring buildings. The best possible sun exposure of the facades is thus achieved and the entire depth of the plot receives natural light. In order to reflect and diffuse the sound coming from the street, the front edge of the building is pulled as far as possible towards the street. The resulting surfaces offer exciting views into Friedrichstraße. The first floor is linked to the yard through a pleasant garden. In addition to the new positioning of the buildings on the plot and thus a progressive interpretation given to narrow and shaded urban block plots, the quality in all respects could be improved through the light and sound management.