North of the former airport Tempelhof the new accommodations Friesenstraße were built from 2010 to 2012 containing about 220 apartments within 14 residential buildings incorporated by independent owner associations. In between a park of joint use was created to increase the quality of living. The owner association Friesbees consisting of 11 families with children from adjoining neighborhood attaches great importance to an up to date energy strategy. The building constructed by HS Architekten is the only passive house of this group of buildings. Thus a well-priced funding with KfW- benefits was achieved. The building consists of five apartments and 6 maisonettes with generous balcony and terrace spaces. Alongside several communal areas, a kitchen garden, a bicycle storage room and a sauna were included. The main focus while planning and building was the shared aspect. The purpose to implement individual ichnographies with passive house standards at low budget was achieved with balancing economic relations between rationalization of the construction and individualization of the apartments. Conceptual design and interior work were developed in close reconcilement with the occupants in all planning phases. The resulting costs with an average of 2300€/m2 as the purchasing price were successfully realized. Due to the passive house standard the operating costs are reduced compared with a construction method like EnEV.