The corner estate in the Gormannstraße in Berlin-Mitte was determined by a planning history long before we attended to it. The gap between the buildings was limited by two large compartment walls. All preceding drafts with horizontal arrangements were doomed to failure because of the deep unexposed corners. No customers were found for the dark lower floors.

Instead of a horizontal division of the building three vertical town houses were planned, each extending over four levels – from the entrance close to the street over two floors up to the attic with the terrace.

Two of the three buildings have their own backyard. Thereby an improvement of the direct incoming light situation was achieved. Each façade to this courtyard can be opened and is connected via the balcony. On the same floor the private bathroom and the bedroom can be found.

A small oasis is created inside each house by founding a well and planting the yard intensively. Bed- and bathroom are connected to the two storey loggia which illuminates these rooms in a natural way.