Integrative Lebensräume

How can the much needed housing, which is able to serve equally well people of different backgrounds, life-styles and income levels be developped over a short period of time? The integrative habitats offer an answer to this question. Together, the different typologies of appartments are able to create customised housing in a simple manner. Several residential modules in different configurations are assembled so as to address the needs of the residents and the particularities of the location. All living units are connected by a circulation area, which serves both as an external extension and a community encounter zone for the residents. In addition, the ground floor area is able to take on different uses, such as commercial functions, meeting and event areas, ateliers and studios.

The goal is to develop and produce the residential modules together with industry representatives in prefabricated wood-concrete-hybrid format.The various colours of the façade, together with the protrusions and recesses of the building volume and the community zone create a personalised living environment and an identity with the surroundings.