Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The Schlossstraße in Lutherstadt Wittenberg with its representative town houses is one of the two main axes through the city center and at the same time forms the first edge of the Old Town to the south. Not far from the historic castle church is the existing 16th century town house. The front building is to the south, towards Elbe, supplemented by a side wing and a currently very dilapidated coach house.

The aim of the project is the creation of two residential units of approximately 150 m² each with barrier-free development through the revitalization of the old coach house and the addition of a new building. The concept study shows in different variants how the careful completion of the existing site can restore the second historical edge of the city to the south and create a new courtyard. The language of materiality and openings should be visibly differentiated from existing ones by the use of wood. Future access will take place from the southern Wallstraße. The entrance is led through the wall garden zone and the parking is laid in such a way that cars are hidden from the terraces of the apartments.