Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts

The guiding principle for the design of the Museum of the 20th Century at the Cultural Forum, is the development of a forum of the arts through an inclusive, space-unifying setting. The proposed building is developed from the continuation of the plateau of the New National Gallery, which then opens into a distinguished, multi-storey building as a counterpart to the Chamber Music Hall. The museum is sculpted uniquely in the urban spatial context and provides - both inside and outside the building shell - specific spaces for the presentation and the experience of art. On an urban scale, the proposal defines a reference point: a volume which marks the space between St. Matthew's Church with Matthäikirchplatz and the Chamber Music Hall. This is a spatial version of the different, qualitatively divergent buildings and places created, which in turn can individually relate to the new museum. Towards the New National Gallery, the structure transitions smoothly into a raised plateau. The sculpture garden formed in this way is publicly accessible. The project rearranges the exterior spaces of the Cultural Forum with its outstanding architectural testimonies of the 20th century - the Philharmonic Hall, the Chamber Music Hall and the New National Gallery - and the historic St. Matthew's Church in a new urban spatial context.