Markthalle 9

The Market Hall 9 is to us the renaissance of a classic food market, reinterpreted for today and especially for Berlin. A colorful market place, it is a space where the culture, craft and quality of food is lived, taught and discussed.

Since 2007, more people live in cities than in the countryside. It is, however, the countryside that generates food for city dwellers. In order to optimize circuits and in order for the transportation routes to be kept short, it is necessary to use urban production methods and to involve local producers. Urban farming and urban gardening are, as collective ownership initiatives, very interesting. It is therefore important to find creative and constructive ways to promote these initiatives and to communicate about them.

What does a city look like when it is no longer dependent on fossil fuel? Architectural typologies such as green roofs, vertical gardens or green facades are just a few of the urban intervention strategies of the future.

M9 can become a center of gravity for research and education on the topic of urban strategies for better nutrition, with kitchen gardens on its own roof, conference rooms, plant breeding stations and an energy self-sufficient unit. All of these features would be coupled with the beautiful existing buildings to define the Market Hall 9.