Schwimmbad Lichterfelde

In a small private swimming pool made entirely of wood, we experimented with the look of façade elements and the construction of the building.

The façade cladding consists of wedge-shaped and staggered rectangular profiles. This results in an interesting, varied game with light and shadow on the closed exterior facade. A cross-laminated timber decking in the structural composite with bent beams made of glued laminated timber, spans the tank without any supporting. Inspired by the representation of the water molecule connections, a uniform honeycomb structure of the roof construction was created. The honeycombs are superimposed by a main support structure and two interruptions in the form of skylights, which protrude from the roof sculpturally. The light is directed in this way through the organic wood coffered ceiling deep into the bathroom and illuminates the hot tub and the loungers during the day differently. As the bathroom turns away from the street and the neighbors and the skylights block the view of the bathroom, the facade opens onto the terrace into the garden. In this way, a fluid transition between old and new building and garden is created in the summer months.