Wiederaufbau in Holz

In the concept study, the lot between the own part of the building and the building of the neighbor is to be densified with a structure elevated on the free ground floor. The top floor of the building is to be replaced by a top floor that runs through the new and old building. In this way, a new overall structure is created: a complete building with a converted attic. The starting point for the extension is the staircase in the existing building. From here, the planned apartments can be easily accessed on the first escape route. In the course of this, the top floor of the front building will also be replaced and equipped with an elevator.

The goal is to create sustainable living space in the city with the use of ecological materials. In this special inner-city spatial situation, there is an opportunity to keep the construction time and thus the impact of the construction site on the neighborhood as short as possible by using wood as a structural building material. The construction should be easy to separate again and the building materials should therefore be subject to the idea of ​​reuse. The concept thus creates valuable living space with the help of minimally invasive and ecologically demanding post-compaction.