The ensemble Obere Hauptstraße 22 in Stratzíng / Austria consists of a front building with a side wing adjoining to the north, a press house and a barn behind. Under the two farm buildings is a large cellar vault, which extends to below the garden. On the eastern, opposite side of the front house adjoins the small house and with a little offset in the garden distance the dilapidated pigsty completed the building sequence. The stately main building was from 1640 a hunting lodge from Freiherr Ritter to Muckenbruck, then it became the property of Baron Abau. Since 1880 it is owned by the current owner or their ancestors.

The design focused on a respectful approach to the long-standing structure in order to incorporate gently into the proposal the history and materiality of the place along with our bold vision of its new life. Working closely with the clients we tried to see how we could make the most out of the given space in order to fit inside all their aspiration for their new home.