HS Architekten has been developing together with the artist Andrea van Reimersdahl textile concepts custom made for private and public spaces.

From fabric drapery, through folding screens and room dividers towards the curtain as a design feature and as a functional medium, the focus resides on the special features of the textile material. Our ideas spring from the dialogue with our partners, always within the context of different spatial arrangements.

The guidelines for the entire creation process, from idea to realization, are based on nature and the specifics of the local conditions. Certain qualitative characteristics of the materials are suggested. Functional requirements for privacy, acoustics, color and spatial effect, alongside with the accentuation of interior design elements form the fundamental criteria for the design. Technical solutions for the hanging of the curtains are developed based on specific spaces.

The artist herself designs and manufactures, upon request, fabric editions of special textile curtain concepts.

Andrea van Reimersdahl explores the space-forming effect of textiles. Since the end of her artistic training, she has been focusing on print graphics.

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