The project for a new ensemble of residential and commercial buildings in Berlin City West is located on a plot with moving history. While in the 1920s, increasing concentration was maintained, in the beginning of the 1950s only the front building and the back building remained. In the course of the following decades new buildings were replaced, which today are partly vacant.

The aim of the concept is the revival of the striking corner as a living quarter for attractive living and shopping. Through various measures, the plot will be gradually restructured: the new building on the plot with generous retail space and garden zone, the modernization of the historical buildings with a new rooftop, the coring of the building from the 70s with new winter gardens.

In the process, four full storeys with modular and prefabricated wooden components will be used to produce small residential units over the first two floors of the new reinforced concrete building. In this way, on the "concrete table", a differentiated structure with different living qualities and outdoor spaces is created through balconies, conservatories and loggias.