Stadthaus II Prenzlauer Berg

The reconstruction of the top floor in Prenzlauer Berg implies the connection of the inside areas with the patio with multiple utilizations including an urban yards as well as a kitchen gardens or expanded housing spaces. The 4th floor and the attic story were merged to one apartment. While the forth floor is constructed as a classical old building the attic is designed as an open area surrounded by three differently leafy terraces interlacing outer and internal spaces. Relative to the seasons the apartment adopts different conditions.

The main terrace is partly overlapped by an overlying gallery terrace hence providing an outer protected area. Thus in winter this area can be converted into a winter garden by appending multi-wall sheet partition panels. Plants hibernate protected at about +5°C.

Solar panels and awnings may cover the terraces. An outer kitchen and shower enlarge the range of functions of the terrace to an almost adequate usable surface. The inner space can be completely shaded with lightproof curtains along the glass front.