Choriner Straße

The origin of this urban agglomeration strategy was a fire service bypass. In interaction withe the improvement and extension of the attic storey of the adjoining Wilhelminian style building the nearly 4 m wide gap was used as a building area from the second floor to expand the old building after lengthy negotiations with the responsible administration.

The architecture of this fill-in new building is clearly pointed out. Wilhelminian style open switchable rooms contrast the storey high glazing of the front which is presented in the footprints. Misaligned cubes present different functions, which are difficult to integrate in old buildings like new installation of building equipment and appliances as well as generous stairwells with air spaces for maisonettes.

A new foundation close to the neighbor building was not necessary because of the back dangling steel construction in the old building.

While walking in the neighborhood, we found more urban irregularities of the classical urban block development. Arwed Messmer made for us the beautiful photos of these special places.