Embedded in a historically grown environment of pre-Wilhelminian style (ca 1850) the building is located in the Spandauer suburb in Berlin-Mitte. Multi-storey, stucco ornated old buildings are representative for this district. The quarter is currently landmarked. Therefore the characteristic of this place inspired us to pick it up and interpret it with modern architecture.

A self-commissioned market analysis brought out that both old and new buildings were nearly never appareled with multi-storey apartments despite the high demand. The volume of the new building was divided into five divergent capacious Maisonettes. The individual apartments gear and interlace with each other. The future residents could easily integrate their personal wishes for space and shape.

The main stairwell connects the different levels and stages the transition between privat and public spaces. Simultaneously it points out the present building structure of the historical surrounding. The same elliptic footprint can be found in other old buildings of this quarter.

The exterior shell provides a high adaptability to the neighborhood. The outer shell becomes a filter layer between interior and street space. White lines define the contour of the different apartments at the front.